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شارع مكه, Amman, 11185
Mecca Mall - Amman Mecca Mall - Amman is one of the popular Retail Company located in شارع مكه ,Amman listed under Shopping Mall in Amman , Retail and consumer merchandise in Amman , Market in Amman ,

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Mecca Mall is a great mixture of high-end and affordable shopping. Offering you famous brands, and providing a one-stop-shop; from grocery, pharmacy, home improvement & gifts you can accomplish it in one visit! You could enjoy shopping and spend an entire day here and still not get to see it all. Mecca Mall has over 450 stores offering you merchandise at a fantastic rate. As one of the largest malls in Jordan it would be nearly impossible for you to not walk out with at least one bag filled with great buys. Mecca Mall became the heart of people’s shopping experience in Jordan.
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{{infobox shopping mall |
| shopping_mall_name = Mecca Mall
| image = Mecca mall.jpg
| caption = Internal View of Mecca Mall|
| location = [[Amman]], [[Jordan]]
| opening_date = 2003
| developer = ''Raied Ayoubeen''|
| manager = [[Kurdi Group]]|
| owner = [[Kurdi Group]]|
| building_costs = ''Unknown''|
| number_of_stores = 350+
| number_of_anchors = 0|
| floor_area = 95,000 m²
| floors = 5
| parking = 3,500+ cars
| website = []|

'''''Mecca Mall''''' ({{lang-ar|مكة مول}}) is one of the biggest shopping malls in the [[Jordan]]ian capital, [[Amman]]. It is located on Mecca Street, and this is the reason the mall was named '''''Mecca''' Mall''. It includes a large number of stores, mostly women fashion shops, but also includes home decor stores, [[Mobile Phone]] vendors, 22 [[Restaurants]], 8 [[Cinemas]], [[Video arcades]], [[bowling]] alley, Miles grocery store, and more.

Mecca Mall is owned by the [[Kurdi Group]], also the owner of [[Abdoun Mall]], previously the biggest mall in Amman. Kurdi Group announced the project a year before completion, by putting up 3D-model images in Abdoun Mall. The Jordanian population was anticipating the new mall, which promised to be much more spacious than the current one.

Mecca Mall is known for its adequate security. Though only a minimal number of [[Closed-circuit television|CCTV]] or surveillance cameras operate within the mall, at the entrances all visitors have to be checked by security officers. These security measures were introduced after the [[2005 Amman bombings|November Bombings]] in 2005.

The designers failed to consider the pressure of the traffic the large mall would cause in the area, thus disturbing the neighborhood with badly-planned parking and roads made quickly, as an afterthought.


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